Attire Information

Suit: Full suits are required (this means suit jackets!) As a rule of thumb, the top button should always be buttoned when standing and the bottom button should always be unbuttoned. If there are 3 buttons, the middle button is up to you.

Shirt: Have a button up shirt. Stay away from bright, neon colors in shirt choice.
If you extend your arms, your shirtsleeves should stick out about an inch or two from under your jacket and should extend all the way to your wrists.

Tie/Bow tie: Required. For traditional ties, tie them so that the tip touches the center of your belt buckle.
Note: You can wear either but coach’s preference will always be a traditional tie.

Shoes: Dress shoes are required. If you have a black suit, black shoes. If you have a blue suit, brown shoes.
You should have a belt that matches your shoes. You’ll be in these shoes for 8 hours at a time so keep that in mind

Cuff links: Not required, but you’re welcome to wear them.

Tie Clips: Not required, but you’re welcome to wear them.

Socks: No white colored socks and they need to go past your ankle.

Hair: Combed and out of your face. Coaches will be checking suits at the first mock tournament of the year and helping with anything you need

Suit: Full suits are required. You may purchase a dress with a suit jacket but you must have a jacket.
Tip: Coaches have found that 3/4 length sleeves fit more people and need less tailoring than any other jacket sleeve lengths.

Skirts: Recommended over pants as that’s the norm and typically looks more professional. Skirts must be no more than 1-2 inches above the knee.
Make sure skirts aren’t too tight. A larger size is better if you’re questioning it. Any rippling in the fabric of the skirt probably means it’s too tight. Choose any color of suit, but black suits are usually the cheapest and the safest to style/wear. Colors that really work well are red, blue, black and grey. If your suit jacket requires a shell underneath, make sure it’s no more than 2 inches below your collarbone and preferably a solid color.

Shirt/Blouse: Tank tops work very well and are a low cost option compared to a traditional blouse.

Nylons: Are required and they should be as close to your skin tone as possible.
Tip: Go for the $7 ones at target if you want them to last more than one tournament. Always have a back up pair of nylons with because there will be a tournament where yours will rip or get a terrible run in them. The coaches know from experience as they went through 3 pairs of nylons or more just because of bad luck.

Shoes: Low (1-2″) pumps or flats. Closed toed and black or nude depending on your suit color. Make sure they’re comfortable. You’ll be in these shoes for 8 hours at a time so keep that in mind and don’t wear them for the first time at your first tournament (break them in!).
Tip: Comfort Plus brand at Payless. They’re plain but professional, fairly priced, and dang comfortable.

Hair: Should be pulled back away from your face and secured tightly. A low bun is preferred, but depending on your category, you can do a half up. (Dramas and Proses categories, you all need your hair completely back because of tech).
Tip: Bring extra hairspray!

Makeup: Must be tasteful and natural. Eye shadow should be brown tones if used. If you’re not comfortable in makeup, you don’t have to wear it. You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing and how you look.

The Coaches will be checking your suits, hair and makeup before the first mock tournament.