Pay Fees

Pay your students $25 Booster Club Fee:
speech Booster Club Fees are used to help pay for additional coaching support, team supplies and bonding events and the end of the year banquet. The fee for 2020/21 is $25 and can be paid by check or cash, or online using the links below (a $1 convenience charge is added to cover online processing fees).

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Pay your students $21 Lifetime NSDA Fee:
This one time NSDA fee covers your membership for life. By becoming an NSDA member, you are able to compete in national tournaments, receive scholarship opportunities, and gain access to their plethora of resources.

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Pay your Judging Opt-Out Fee
If you would rather pay a fee ($50 per tournament) than judge tournaments, you can do so here.  The money is used to hire judges to represent our team at tournaments. Make sure you indicate the number of judging slots you are opting out in the Google Sheet on the Judging page.

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