Judges Needed

We need 18 judges for every tournament otherwise it’s a large fee for every judge we don’t provide. Judging can seem daunting for those who haven’t done it before but it’s designed to be straightforward and simple! We require that you attend one judge training before you judge. Our first judge training will be on December 14th – check our calendar page for the details! You need to be available for all rounds throughout the day to be able to judge. You can leave early if you aren’t scheduled for a final round but you need to be available for that possibility. Judging typically starts at 9 and ends at 3:30.

Judging this year will likely mean an online format. Access to a computer with a web camera and a microphone is required. Google chrome will also likely be required for the software. You do not need to download anything to be able to judge. 
Judging ResourcesDownload
Click to Sign Up to Judge (Google Sheets)
Please sign up for (2) tournaments per student in this Google Sheet.  There is also a space on the far right to indicate if you’d rather pay the $50/tournament fee instead of judging.  If opting out, please indicate the number of judging slots you are opting out in the sheet, and pay your opt-out fees using the link on the Pay Fees page.
Eagan Speech Judge Handbook (PDF)
Everything you need to know about judging – put together by the Eagan Speech Team.
BHS Speech Judging Quick Reference Guide (Google Doc)
If you forget everything, use this quick reference to help!
BHS Speech Judging Overview (Google Doc)
An overview of judging put together by the Burnsville Speech Team.
Excel Spreadsheet Example (Excel)
This spreadsheet helps you stay organized when ranking competitors.