Email: Eden Prairie, Fundraising, and Social Media

Hi All!
Our tournament this weekend is at Eden Prairie HS! Thank you to the parents who have signed up for judging! We still need a lot more judges for the season so please check your calendars and consider spending a day helping us out! You can sign up using this link! Judging Sign Up.

I wanted to make a note that all speech tournaments are open to the public. If you want to come see your student perform, you are very welcome to (with their permission first – don’t make them more nervous)!
Schedule Saturday
6:50 am – meet at BHS
9:00 am – Round 1
10:30 am – Round 2
12:00 pm – Round 3
2:20 pm – Finals
Awards were not scheduled a time but I would expect that would start between 4 and 4:30. If you watch rounds or are judging, I suggest you DON’T go to awards. They are the longest event in human history. Ask your kid – there is little exaggeration here.

6:00 pm – Home

I would expect to get back to BHS around 6 but I can’t guarantee anything with that. I’ll have students call for rides about 10-15 minutes out from the school.

We’ve got fundraisers coming up! NEXT Friday is our Cub fundraiser! Students are required to sign up for a time slot unless they have a prior conflict that they discuss with me. Cub Fundraiser Sign Up

A week from Monday (February 4) is our Chipotle fundraiser!! Get everyone you’ve ever met to eat at Chipotle that night between 4 and 8 and say they’re with Burnsville Speech! A quick reminder on that: online orders don’t count… 🙁

Social Media
We have a few students who were interested in running our social media pages for our speech team this year so we now have both an instagram and a twitter! follow us @burnsvillespeechteam on instagram and @bhsspeechteam on twitter! I’ll be tweeting out live results from the tournaments if you’d like to follow us! We have plans for a FB page so be patient on that!

See? They’re getting shorter! (I’m probably forgetting something…)

So let me know if you have any questions!
Katherine [email me]

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